Post Office Inquiry Call for Evidence

Closed 23 Feb 2021

Opened 1 Dec 2020


The Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry follows the conclusion of the group litigation involving postmasters and Post Office Limited in December 2019, and the Prime Minister's commitment on 26th February 2020 to hold an Inquiry. The Government wants to be fully assured that through the Inquiry there is a public summary of the failings that occurred, which were associated with Horizon, the IT system used by Post Office Limited (POL).

Through this Call for Evidence, the Inquiry is seeking views on: the human impact; the Horizon IT system; the contractual arrangements between POL and postmasters; contract management by POL in relation to Fujitsu and other IT service providers, the policies and processes that POL has to support branches and postmasters, dispute management, whistleblowing and governance and the Settlement Agreement. A key objective is to gain a perspective on historical, contemporary and future issues.  

The Call for Evidence will address the institutional settings and experience of postmasters, employees and contractors at POL, both historically and as the company seeks to respond to the findings in the Horizon Judgments, and implement the measures set out in the Settlement Agreement. Our target audiences are representative groups, individuals, businesses and organisations who are interested in and/or affected by the failings which occurred at POL in relation to the Horizon system.   


  • Non-Government Organisations


  • Evaluation