Consultation on Draft Nuclear Safeguards Regulations

Closed 14 Sep 2018

Opened 9 Jul 2018


Following withdrawal from the European Atomic Energy Community (“Euratom”), the UK will be introducing new Nuclear Safeguards Regulations to enable a domestic nuclear safeguards regime to operate in the UK.  This consultation seeks views on the operability and effectiveness of these draft Nuclear Safeguards Regulations.

The government has committed to establish a regime that will operate in a similar way to existing arrangements, but with changes made to the regulations to ensure they are appropriate for the domestic, legislative and operational landscape in which they operate. 

If passed into law, these proposed Regulations will allow the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) to meet international obligations from day one of exit, and to build, over time, a safeguards regime equivalent in coverage and effectiveness to that currently provided by Euratom.

Responses to this Consultation will be considered when taking the policy forward and the draft Nuclear Safeguards Regulations may be further revised.



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