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  • Good Work Plan: Proposals to support families

    This consultation covers: Parental leave and pay Neonatal leave and pay Transparency of flexible working and family related leave and pay policies Select the sections you want to answer from the links here. You can respond to as many of the sections and questions as you want. You need to submit your responses to one section before starting a new response to the next, and you will need to enter your personal details for each section. More
    Closed 29 November 2019
  • Creating a Clean Steel Fund: call for evidence

    We’re seeking views on the £250 million Clean Steel Fund, which will support the UK steel sector to move to a decarbonisation pathway compatible with net zero. More
    Closed 21 November 2019
  • Industrial Energy Transformation Fund: Supporting industry on the path to Net Zero

    We are seeking views on various design proposals for the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund including: Who can apply for funding; What technologies should be supported; Whether funding should be made available for feasibility studies, FEED studies and capacity building; What type of funding support should be offered; How the Fund should be delivered; and, How evaluation and monitoring of the Fund should be carried out. This survey is part of our wider... More
    Closed 21 November 2019
  • Ecodesign requirements for external power supplies: draft regulations

    This consultation seeks view on the draft Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products (External Power Supplies) Regulations 2020. The draft regulations propose to introduce UK ecodesign requirements for external power supplies which are in line with those the UK supported at EU level in January 2019. This consultation will be of particular interest to: * external power supply manufacturers and importers * trade bodies * consumer groups * environmental organisations * those with an... More
    Closed 15 October 2019
  • Standards for bio-based, biodegradable, and compostable plastics: call for evidence

    We're seeking evidence to help us develop standards or certification critera for bio-based, biodegradable, and compostable plastics, and an understanding of their environmental impacts. This will also include littering and issues affecting recycling and disposal routes. We want to identify gaps and provide expert advice on: The overall sustainability of bio-based and biodegradable plastic products, particularly when in comparison with those made from... More
    Closed 14 October 2019
  • Consultation on a Regulated Asset Base (RAB) Model for Nuclear

    In his statement to Parliament in June 2018, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Greg Clarke said that the Government would review the viability of a ‘Regulated Asset Base’ (RAB) model for new nuclear projects and committed in January 2019 to publishing an assessment of this model by the summer. Our assessment, as part of this consultation, has concluded that, by providing regulated returns to investors, a RAB model has the potential to... More
    Closed 14 October 2019
  • Good Work Plan: one-sided flexibility - addressing unfair flexible working practices

    We are seeking views on the proposals made by the Low Pay Commission, to address the issue of ‘one-sided flexibility’. The proposals made by the Low Pay Commission were published on 17 December 2018 to address the issue of ‘one-sided flexibility’. This issue exists within some parts of the labour market, where employers misuse flexible working arrangements, creating an unpredictability in working hours, income insecurity and a reluctance among workers to assert basic... More
    Closed 11 October 2019
  • Good work plan: establishing a new single enforcement body for employment rights

    This consultation seeks views on whether establishing a new single enforcement body for employment rights could: improve enforcement for vulnerable workers create a level playing field for the majority of businesses who are complying with the law More
    Closed 6 October 2019
  • Civil Nuclear Brexit Readiness Survey

    The Government has continued to prepare for the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU and Euratom. BEIS is conducting a short survey to better understand how the civil nuclear sector is preparing for this. This is also a chance to feed back any comments that you may have on the guidance and information provided to the sector by the Government thus far. This survey will also help BEIS to identify where further support or information could be provided to stakeholders. This... More
    Closed 30 September 2019
  • Facilitating energy efficiency in the electricity system: call for evidence

    We are seeking views on market barriers to energy efficiency in the UK, and how we can create new markets for energy efficiency, securing its role in the wider energy market, contributing to flexibility and becoming a reliable alternative to increased generation and network reinforcement. More
    Closed 25 September 2019
  • Carbon capture, usage and storage: business models

    This consultation seeks views on our emerging findings on potential business models for carbon capture, usage and storage ( CCUS ). It covers: options on CCUS business models for industry, power, and carbon dioxide transport and storage a framework for future evaluation of models to support hydrogen production with CCUS the CCUS -specific risks inherent in first of a kind CCUS projects the possible delivery and coordination challenges of deploying CCUS at scale... More
    Closed 16 September 2019
  • Carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) projects: re-use of oil and gas assets

    A consultation on the re use of oil and gas assets for Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) projects. In the CCUS Deployment Pathway: An Action Plan we committed to complete a process to identify existing oil and gas infrastructure that has the potential for re-use to support the development of CCUS in the UK and develop a policy on this. We’re seeking views on this infrastructure and on associated policy proposals to: introduce a discretionary... More
    Closed 16 September 2019
  • Fuel poverty strategy for England

    Fuel poverty is defined in the Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Act 2000 as: a person [who] is a member of a household living on a lower income in a home which cannot be kept warm at reasonable cost. In 2014, the government introduced in legislation a fuel poverty target for England to improve as many fuel poor homes as is reasonably practicable to a minimum energy efficiency rating of Band C, by the end of 2030. We are looking to update the fuel poverty strategy for... More
    Closed 16 September 2019
  • Statutory audit services: initial consultation on the CMA recommendations

    Following its review of the statutory audit market, the Competition and Markets Authority ( CMA ) published its final report on 18 April 2019. This consultation seeks views on the CMA ’s recommendations to improve audit quality, competition and resilience in the statutory audit services market. More
    Closed 13 September 2019
  • The Statutory Review of the Groceries Code Adjudicator, 2016 to 2019

    The Groceries Code Adjudicator works with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and is the independent regulator ensuring that regulated retailers treat their direct suppliers lawfully and fairly. The GCA is responsible for monitoring and encouraging compliance with and enforcing the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (the Code). The Statutory Review of the GCA (required under the Groceries Code Adjudicator Act 2013 ) is to gain evidence on how the GCA has... More
    Closed 12 September 2019
  • Smart Data: Putting consumers in control of their data and enabling innovation

    This consultation seeks views on proposals to: enable data driven innovation in consumer markets use data and technology to help vulnerable consumers ensure consumers and their data are protected More
    Closed 6 August 2019
  • Energy Company Obligation: ECO3, improving consumer protection

    We're seeking views on proposed changes to the current Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) scheme. This includes: Incorporating the TrustMark Government Endorsed Quality scheme into ECO3, as a route to demonstrating compliance with the most up to date relevant PAS standards and to ensure a sufficient consumer protection process and guarantees are in place Technical changes to the way First Time Central Heating is treated under the scheme. Energy suppliers, energy efficiency... More
    Closed 6 August 2019
  • Corporate transparency and register reform

    We're consulting on new proposals to enhance the role of Companies House, increase the transparency of UK corporate entities and help combat economic crime. The consultation seeks views on a series of reforms to limit the risk of misuse: knowing who is setting up, managing and controlling companies improving the accuracy and usability of data on the companies register protecting personal information on the register ... More
    Closed 5 August 2019
  • The future of UK carbon pricing

    This consultation sets out the UK Government’s and the Devolved Administrations' approach to UK carbon pricing once we have left the European Union and seeks stakeholders’ views on the design of a future scheme. This consultation will be of particular interest to individual companies and representatives of industrial, power and aviation sectors with obligations under the EU ETS and environmental groups. This consultation is not limited to these stakeholders; any organisation or... More
    Closed 12 July 2019
  • Independent Review of the Financial Reporting Council - Initial consultation on the recommendations

    We are seeking views on the recommendations made by the Independent Review of the Financial Reporting Council. This consultation seeks views on the recommendations made by the Independent Review of the Financial Reporting Council to create a new regulator responsible for audit, corporate reporting and corporate governance. The Government would welcome views of users of accounts, investors, asset owners, others who rely on audited accounts, business stakeholders,... More
    Closed 11 June 2019
  • Designing the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund

    The Government is seeking views on how we design the Fund to maximise its benefits, while ensuring value for money. Previous stakeholder engagement, such as last year’s call for evidence on business and industrial energy efficiency and the ongoing 2050 Roadmaps Project, has improved our understanding of the potential for energy efficiency in industry and the barriers to take up. This consultation is focused on helping us to better understand these issues for industrial... More
    Closed 31 May 2019
  • Future frameworks for international collaboration on research and innovation: call for evidence

    Professor Sir Adrian Smith has been commissioned by BEIS to provide independent advice on the design of future UK funding schemes for international collaboration, innovation and curiosity-driven blue-skies research. We welcome written contributions on a wide of issues relating to potential funding schemes. Please keep your submissions to less than 2500 words if possible. The advice team will also hold evidence gathering meetings across the UK. See the Terms of Reference for... More
    Closed 24 May 2019
  • Strengthening the UK’s offshore oil and gas decommissioning industry

    The United Kingdom’s Continental Shelf is one of the world’s more mature petroleum provinces and, despite new developments continuing to come on stream, many assets are inevitably reaching the end of their field lives and will require decommissioning. Responses to this call for evidence will allow the government, industry and the Oil and Gas Authority to assess the relative strengths of the UK decommissioning industry and provide a strategic and coordinated approach to this phase of... More
    Closed 8 May 2019
  • Energy Efficiency Scheme for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

    This call for evidence seeks views on various proposals for a new Business Energy Efficiency Scheme focused on SMEs Improving energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective mechanisms for businesses to reduce their energy use and associated bills while reducing their carbon emissions. While high energy bills can be a burden on smaller businesses, a lack of information and the upfront capital costs of installing energy efficiency measures can deter investment. At budget... More
    Closed 8 May 2019
  • Consumer Contract Regulations 2013 review: call for evidence

    The Government will be publishing a report reviewing the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 later this year. This Call for Evidence is designed to gather information that will inform the review and provide additional insight on how the legislation is working in practice. The regulations implement most of the provisions of the EU Consumer Rights Directive. Much of the directive is subject to EU maximum harmonisation rule which... More
    Closed 1 May 2019
  • Confidentiality clauses: consultation on measures to prevent misuse in situations of workplace harassment or discrimination

    Confidentiality clauses, also known as non-disclosure agreements or NDAs , are provisions which seek to prohibit the disclosure of information. They serve a useful and legitimate purpose in the employment context, as part of both employment contracts and settlement agreements. However, a number of cases have come to light where employers have used confidentiality clauses to prevent victims of workplace harassment or discrimination from speaking out. The purpose of this consultation is:... More
    Closed 29 April 2019
  • Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination: Extending redundancy protection for women and new parents

    We're seeking views on extending redundancy protection for pregnant women and mothers. The consultation also sets out more widely what the department is doing to tackle pregnancy and maternity discrimination, and explain the current law on redundancy protection. This is a commitment in the government’s response to the Taylor Review , and had previously been raised by the Women and Equalities Select Committee ( WESC ). The consultation recommends that we extend the current... More
    Closed 5 April 2019
  • Proposals regarding the planning system for electricity storage

    The Progress Update to the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan , published in October 2018, stated that we would consult on the treatment of electricity storage within the planning system. This consultation considers and seeks views on the following proposals: To retain the 50MW Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) threshold that applies to standalone storage projects; and To amend the Planning Act 2008 to establish a... More
    Closed 25 March 2019
  • The future of small-scale low carbon generation: a consultation on a Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

    To support the transition to a cleaner, smarter and more flexible energy system our intention in this document The future for small-scale low-carbon generation is to consider future arrangements that would facilitate: a route to market which supports small-scale low carbon generation of electricity market innovation - government has identified innovation as a central tenet of its Industrial Strategy lowering of costs for consumers - by supporting the development of the... More
    Closed 5 March 2019
  • Salaried workers and salary sacrifice schemes

    The Government is committed to ensuring that all workers are paid at least the National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage. The Government is also committed to supporting employers to comply with National Minimum Wage legislation, so that they get it right first time without the need for enforcement action. This consultation seeks views on proposed changes to the National Minimum Wage Regulations which relate specifically to salaried hours work and where employers feel... More
    Closed 1 March 2019
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