Mapping the UK knowledge landscape (CST)

Closed 30 Apr 2015

Opened 9 Jan 2015


Image illustrating the science landscape (credit: Shutterstock)

The Council for Science and Technology (CST) is investigating the UK’s knowledge landscape. The aim of this project is to build a picture of the whole research landscape in the UK and to develop a stronger evidence base. This will help to inform future strategic decision-making and help the UK to maintain and develop its excellence in research.

Why your views matter

We want to understand better how the UK’s research community defines itself and the links that exist between research disciplines.

To help to do this, we have developed an online tool to crowd-source data from researchers on the disciplines, dependencies and infrastructure they think make up modern research.


  • Scientists
  • Universities
  • Research Councils
  • Learned Societies
  • National Academies
  • University associations
  • Researchers
  • Innovation community
  • Individual


  • Science (STEM) skills
  • Innovation
  • Research