Amendments to the Environmental Impact Assessment regime for offshore oil and gas projects

Closes 2 Oct 2020

Opened 24 Jul 2020


This consultation seeks views on draft Regulations to amend the offshore oil and gas Environmental Impact Assessment regime to make the processes for challenging decisions clearer and enhance other aspects.

Why We Are Consulting

We are seeking views on the proposed Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration, Production, Unloading and Storage (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2020 which would replace the Offshore Petroleum Production and Pipe-lines (Assessment of Environmental Effects) Regulations 1999.  

The proposed 2020 Regulations would consolidate, clarify and simplify the provisions of the 1999 Regulations and provide a clear process for the publication and challenge of decisions. The proposed 2020 Regulations also incorporate other changes such as the inclusion of civil sanctions.

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