Towards Fusion Energy: The UK Government's proposals for a regulatory framework for fusion energy

Closed 24 Dec 2021

Opened 1 Oct 2021


Fusion could be the ultimate clean power solution, representing a low carbon, safe, continuous and effectively unlimited source of energy. The UK is widely recognised as a world-leader in the most promising fusion technologies.

This consultation seeks views on the future regulatory framework for fusion energy and covers regulation of:

  • Occupational and public health and safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Planning consent
  • Third party liabilities
  • Security and Safeguards for radioactive material

This consultation is open to anyone with an interest in this area but in particular we would like to hear from:

  • Industry
  • Members of the public
  • Academia
  • Interest groups
  • International organisations
  • Nuclear risk insurers

Separately the Government has published its Fusion Strategy which provides important context to this consultation. This sets out how the UK Government will leverage scientific, commercial and international leadership to enable delivery of fusion energy.

Why your views matter

Designs for fusion energy prototype power plants are now being developed around the world by fusion research organisations and private companies for the 2030s and 2040s. Fusion energy will need to be regulated appropriately and proportionately in the UK, to maintain public and environmental protections, provide public assurances and enable the growth of this low carbon energy industry.

To inform policy on the regulation of fusion energy in the UK, the Government wants to provide an opportunity for industry, academia, other fusion stakeholders and the public to share knowledge and offer their views on the proposals in this document.

What happens next

The consultation on these questions will begin on 01 October 2021 and close on 24 December 2021. The Government will publish the response to this consultation on the GOV.UK website, summarising the received responses and setting out the actions that will be taken.


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