Energy Intensive Industries Compensation Scheme - Net Zero Conditionality Questionnaire

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Closes 24 Feb 2023


1. Name of Business
2. Contact Details for Correspondence
3. Does your business have a decarbonisation or Net Zero plan in place?

If yes, please set out the main objectives of the plan/any delivered successes.

If no, please explain whether you have previously had a plan or whether you plan to have one in the future.

4. Has your business implemented any voluntary schemes or been a signatory to a standards to reduce your emissions? e.g. ISO50001

If yes, please expand on what those schemes are and when you implemented them.

If no, please indicate whether to plan to sign up to any schemes in the future.

5. What mandatory Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) requirements is your business subject to? e.g. ETS, CCA Please set out in the box below which schemes you are subject to.
6. Does your sector have a decarbonisation plan in place that you support or are a signatory to? If yes, please indicate the author and title of the plan, below:
7. Has your business applied for any Government support funds designed to improve or support the transition to a low carbon future (e.g Industrial Energy Transformation Fund)? If yes, what were the results of this application?
8. Does your business work with a third party organisation on reducing your business emissions? If yes, please expand below, i.e. name of third party and actions taken
9. What are the main barriers to your business in achieving emissions reduction and/or energy efficiency measures?
10. What additional support would you need from Government to remove those barriers and deliver on your objectives?
11. What support could BEIS offer you in developing a Net Zero plan for your business?