Lenders could have a role in building a market for energy performance improvements. The government has been engaging with lenders, their engagement organisations, and other financial stakeholders to better understand how government can encourage lenders to innovate.

This consultation sets out a range of proposals that could improve the energy performance of mortgaged properties, and deliver substantial emissions reductions.

The consultation is open to all, but will be of particular interest to:

  • mortgage lenders and brokers, home valuers, estate agents and others involved in the sale of homes
  • those in the energy efficiency supply chain, including installers, domestic energy assessors, accreditation bodies and enforcement bodies
  • homeowners with a mortgage

The consultation covers:

  • proposals to improve awareness of the energy performance of lenders’ portfolios
  • a target-based approach for improving the energy performance of lenders’ portfolios

A consultation stage impact assessment is published alongside this consultation.