Third-party intermediaries in the retail energy market: Call for Evidence

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Closes 6 Dec 2021


For the purpose of the call for evidence, third-party intermediaries (TPIs) provide products and services that help domestic and business customers interact with the energy system, such as advice on energy procurement and switching. TPIs sit between regulated entities in the energy system, typically the supplier, and the customer.

TPIs in scope of the call for evidence are:

Price comparison websites who help customers to compare and directly switch tariffs from a range of energy suppliers, online, over the telephone or in-person;

Auto-switching services who automatically choose a new tariff or supplier on a customer's behalf and carry out the switch;

Auto-recommendation services who notify or recommend a customer to switch to a particular tariff or supplier but do not automatically carry out the switch;

Bill-splitters who may consolidate several services, including energy supply, used within a property into a single bill that is split amongst multiple occupants/bill-payers;

Load-controllers who control or impact customer energy usage remotely using communication networks to reduce costs or earn revenue, in return for changing how or when a customer consumes energy; 

Brokers who act as an intermediary between business customers and energy suppliers, offering services such as energy procurement and account management. Consultants carrying out brokerage activities may offer additional services, such as compliance audits or market analysis. 



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