Energy Efficiency Scheme for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Closed 8 May 2019

Opened 13 Mar 2019


This call for evidence seeks views on various proposals for a new Business Energy Efficiency Scheme focused on SMEs

Improving energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective mechanisms for businesses to reduce their energy use and associated bills while reducing their carbon emissions.  While high energy bills can be a burden on smaller businesses, a lack of information and the upfront capital costs of installing energy efficiency measures can deter investment.

At budget 2018, the Government committed to a call for evidence on introducing a new energy efficiency scheme focused on smaller business.  Over time, this scheme will reduce business energy efficiency bills and carbon emissions.  This call for evidence sets out some options for possible delivery options for the scheme and asks for views.  We also invite additional options for the scheme. 


  • SMEs (small and medium businesses)
  • Large businesses (over 250 staff)
  • Trade bodies
  • Medium business (50 to 250 staff)
  • Micro business (up to 9 staff)
  • Small business (10 to 49 staff)
  • Low carbon technologies
  • Energy assesor
  • Local government
  • Civil Society Organisations


  • Saving energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Saving energy
  • Energy and climate change
  • Energy efficiency