Draft Code of Practice on Dismissal and Re-engagement

Closes 18 Apr 2023

Opened 24 Jan 2023


This consultation is seeking views on the draft Code of Practice on dismissal and re-engagement.

The Code sets out employers’ responsibilities when seeking to change employment terms and conditions, if there is the prospect of dismissal and re-engagement. It requires employers to consult staff and explore alternative options, without using the threat of dismissal to pressure employees to agree new terms.

This is an opportunity for all interested individuals and groups to review the draft Code, consider its provisions and provide their views on it. The consultation will remain open for twelve weeks. We will analyse all submissions, and take the views expressed into account before publishing a government response and final version of the Code in due course.

Read the consultation document and draft Code of Practice on GOV.UK.

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  • Trade union or staff association
  • Employment lawyers
  • Employment advisers
  • Businesses
  • Individual employees
  • HR professionals
  • HR organisations


  • Workplace rights