Civil Nuclear Constabulary: Service Expansion and Diversification

Closed 5 Aug 2021

Opened 24 Jun 2021


This consultation seeks views on proposed legislation to amend the remit and powers of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, the specialist armed police force charged with protecting civil nuclear sites and nuclear materials in England, Scotland and Wales. This will ensure that, should a need arise in the future, the Constabulary can utilise their expertise in deterrence and armed response to support other critical infrastructure sites, as well as assist other police forces in an emergency.

Why your views matter

We are consulting to seek views on the proposed service expansion and how this can be most effectively achieved. We would like to seek the views of interested parties, which are expected to include nuclear site licence companies and approved nuclear carriers, as well as operators of other critical national infrastructure sites, law enforcement agencies, and any other interested stakeholders.


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