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  • Non-domestic smart metering policy proposals and draft legal text

    This consultation seeks views and evidence on new non-domestic smart metering policy proposals. The policy proposals are designed to give non-domestic consumers access to the full benefits of smart meters, while at the same time recognising the diverse nature of these energy users and the need... More
    Closed 4 days ago
  • National Security and Infrastructure Investment Review

    We're seeking views on how the Government can best ensure that investments and takeovers do not raise national security concerns. The UK follows an economic model that thrives on openness to trade. This has served the country well over the years. However, such a model can only be effective if... More
    Opened 1 week ago
  • Downstream oil supply resilience

    BEIS is consulting on possible new measures which aim to maintain the security of fuel supply to consumers. The proposed measures would apply to companies operating in the downstream oil sector and form part of a wider package of proposed reforms to Government’s approach to the protection of... More
    Opened 1 week ago
  • Building a market for energy efficiency: Call for Evidence

    This Call for Evidence outlines a range of barriers to investment in energy efficiency on both the demand and supply side; invites views about the role of Government in overcoming those barriers and stimulating the market through more direct interventions; and considers a range of potential... More
    Opened 2 weeks ago
  • Industrial Heat Recovery Support Programme

    Government plans to introduce a support programme to increase industry confidence in identifying and investing in opportunities for recovering and reusing waste heat from industrial processes and increase the deployment of recoverable heat technologies in industry. This will allow industry to... More
    Opened 2 weeks ago
  • Leading by Example: Cutting energy bills and carbon emissions in the wider public and higher education sectors. A Call for Evidence

    We are interested in evidence and views about the action required to realise carbon and energy savings across the wider public and higher education sectors in England over the next 10 years. We particularly welcome your comments on the introduction of a voluntary emissions target for the wider... More
    Opened 2 weeks ago
  • Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

    We're seeking views on the UK government’s proposals for a streamlined and more effective energy and carbon reporting framework. Reporting is proposed to be done within companies’ annual reports, which shareholders can request, and are filed with and made available by Companies House. It... More
    Opened 2 weeks ago
  • Call for evidence on the reform of the Green Deal Framework

    This call for evidence is to improve our knowledge of stakeholders’ views on the Green Deal Framework, and whether there is scope for changing the Framework so that it can better support current and future needs. We are seeking views on the Framework as a whole, all the elements within it and... More
    Opened 2 weeks ago
  • Laser pointers: call for evidence

    This call for evidence aims to gather data and information on the market for laser pointers and how they are used. It covers the misuse of laser pointers, particularly the safety issues involving “laser attacks” on pilots and drivers of lorries and other vehicles following an increase in... More
    Closed 2 weeks ago
  • Revised requirements for radiological protection: regulation of public exposures and the justification of practices

    We are setting out proposals for the transposition of the public exposures and justification aspects of the 2013 Euratom Basic Safety Standards Directive. The 2013 Euratom Basic Safety Standards Directive (2013/59/EURATOM) lays down safety standards for protecting against the dangers... More
    Opened 3 weeks ago
  • Policy proposals for offshore combustion plant - Transposition of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive and Chapter III of the Industrial Emissions Directive

    This consultation seeks comments on policy proposals for transposing relevant requirements of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (EU) 2015/2193 (“the MCPD”) and Chapter III of the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU (“the IED”) in respect to eligible combustion plants on offshore... More
    Closed 3 weeks ago
  • Revised requirements for radiological protection: emergency preparedness and response

    We're consulting on how to transpose the emergency preparedness elements of the Basic Safety Standards Directive 2013 (BSSD 2013). This consultation is relevant to those working with radiological material, in particular where an emergency as a result of that work might have an impact on... More
    Opened 3 weeks ago
  • Updating Consumer Protection in the Package Travel Sector

    The 1992 Package Travel Regulations provide protection to consumers who buy package holidays. While these Regulations have effectively protected consumers in the market for many years, the sector has changed significantly since they were introduced. Technical innovation and in particular the... More
    Closed 1 month ago
  • Controlling the costs of biomass conversion and co-firing under the Renewables Obligation (RO)

    This consultation seeks views from interested parties on proposals for controlling the costs of non-grandfathered biomass conversion and co-firing units under the Renewables Obligation, to apply from 1 April 2018 (subject to the outcome of this consultation and Parliamentary approval). The two... More
    Opened 1 month ago
  • The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive: Further Proposed Amendments

    The Non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was introduced to bridge the gap between the cost of renewable heating systems and conventional alternatives. It is open to business, public sector and non-profit organisations. The Government is keen to ensure that the Non-domestic RHI continues... More
    Opened 2 months ago
  • Trade Union Act 2016: consultation on the Certification Officer’s levy

    The Certification Officer is responsible for statutory functions relating to trade unions and employers’ associations. We're seeking views on the proposed implementation of section 20 of the Trade Union Act 2016 . This gives the Certification Officer the power to impose a levy on trade... More
    Opened 2 months ago
  • Radio Equipment Directive Consultation

    The Government seeks views from stakeholders on the UK implementation of the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (the Directive). The Directive came into full effect on 13 June 2016. This consultation does not address the content of the Directive as this has already been negotiated and agreed... More
    Closed 2 months ago
  • Electronic Balloting for Industrial action: Knight review - Call for Evidence

    This consultation sets out the background to Sir Ken Knight’s independent review of electronic balloting and calls for evidence in support of it. In the weeks up to the general election we are unable to promote the call for evidence, in line with the guidance for civil servants . We are... More
    Closed 3 months ago
  • Trade Union Act 2016: Consultation on the Certification Officer’s enforcement powers

    We are consulting on the detail of how the proposed financial penalties regime will operate and we welcome views from trade unions, employer associations and other interested organisations and individuals. Specifically, we are seeking views on whether: the proposed approach to set the... More
    Closed 5 months ago
  • Building our Industrial Strategy

    This consultation is now closed We want to build an industrial strategy that addresses long-term challenges to the UK economy. Our aim is to improve living standards and economic growth by increasing productivity and driving growth across the whole country. This green paper sets... More
    Closed 6 months ago
  • Unlocking the potential of Primary Authority: Implementing the Enterprise Act 2016

    Primary Authority enables businesses to obtain consistent advice on compliance with regulation, in a tailored and cost effective manner, from local authorities. Primary Authority advice is assured – the primary authority may direct against enforcement action if it is deemed to be inconsistent... More
    Closed 7 months ago
  • EIA Directive Transposition - Offshore Petroleum and Pipe-lines (EIA) Regulations 2017

    This consultation invites comments on proposals for implementing amendments to the European Union Directive on environmental impact assessment in so far as the Directive applies to the Offshore Production and Pipe-lines (EIA) Regulations 2017. How to Respond If you are responding in... More
    Closed 7 months ago
  • Transposition of the EIA Directive - The Electricity Works (EIA) Regulations 2017

    This consultation invites comments on proposals for implementing amendments to the European Union Directive on environmental impact assessment in so far as the Directive applies to the Electricity Works (EIA) Regulations 2017. How to Respond If you are responding in writing, please make it... More
    Closed 7 months ago
  • Corporate governance reform

    For Britain to thrive in a global economy, businesses need to focus on long-term value creation and command public confidence and respect. But for people to retain faith in capitalism and free markets, big business must earn and keep the trust and confidence of their customers, employees and the... More
    Closed 8 months ago
  • Review of Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI)

    In her November 2016 speech to the CBI Annual Conference on a modern Industrial Strategy, the Prime Minister announced a Review of the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), led by David Connell, an industry expert with a background in the UK’s science and technology sector. SBRI is a... More
    Closed 9 months ago
  • UK bioeconomy: call for evidence

    This call for evidence seeks your input to help shape a UK bioeconomy strategy. Our aim is to produce a strategy which will foster a world leading bioeconomy which is appropriate to the UK's industrial structure and availability of natural resources. This strategy will engage with many... More
    Closed 9 months ago
  • Proposed Changes to the Government's Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)

    We are seeking comments on proposed changes to the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for the calculation of fuel use in dwellings. More
    Closed 9 months ago
  • Heat in Buildings online consultation

    This consultation asks for views on options for raising domestic boiler standards. The Government is also seeking evidence on the costs and benefits of wider domestic central heating system performance improvements. More
    Closed 9 months ago
  • Heat in Non-Domestic Buildings Call for Evidence

    This call for evidence provides the means to test what we have learned so far and to seek feedback and views to help us develop and support future policy development. We are seeking views from those in the building industry and decision-makers on the opportunities, and how we can: • ... More
    Closed 9 months ago
  • Reforming The Employment Tribunal System

    The Government seeks views on the issues to be considered when implementing the wider justice system reform principles in the Employment Tribunal system. Views from all users of the system are particularly welcome, and responses from representatives and advisors of individuals and business, the... More
    Closed 9 months ago
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