Capacity Market Consultation on Future Improvements

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Closes 2 Mar 2020


The consultation is hosted on the online consultation portal Citizen Space and this is our preferred way for stakeholders to submit their responses to the consultation questions. There is a mandatory ‘about you’ section and it will not be possible to submit responses unless this section is completed. The questions can be answered in any order and, aside from the ‘about you’ section, respondents can answer as many questions as they choose. Each question has a corresponding open text box without a character or word limit. For each question, there is also the option to upload supporting material (e.g. graphs, charts). Responses can be copied and pasted into the text boxes from other software e.g. Microsoft Word or entered directly. Responses on the portal can be saved and returned to later. There is also a PDF version of this consultation document available on every page for reference.

The Citizen Space portal is designed to collect questions, and as such is divided into the core Consultation topics. For clarity of design, it is expected respondent's will have a copy of the Consultation when responding. A copy is available to download on every page. 

In order to submit your consultation response, you will need to complete the mandatory 'about you' section, and ensure you click 'continue' through all sections to reach the submission page.