Proposals regarding setting standards for smart appliances

Closed 8 Jun 2018

Opened 16 Mar 2018


The Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan, published July 2017, stated that we would consult on setting standards for smart appliances, based on the principles of interoperability, data protection, grid- and cyber-security. This consultation sets out our proposals regarding smart appliance policy.

The government considers that smart appliances need to be regulated in order to maximise the opportunities for consumers of demand-side response in homes and businesses, while ensuring any risks associated with smart appliances are managed effectively.

We are seeking views from stakeholders on this policy, and specifically on the detail of these proposed principles.

The consultation stage impact assessment provides a preliminary analysis of the costs and benefits associated with options for standards for smart appliances.

What Happens Next

Now that this consultation has closed, the Government will review the evidence that has been submitted and provide a response in due course.


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