Recovering unpaid Employment Tribunal awards survey

Closed 27 Mar 2015

Opened 26 Feb 2015


A survey on experiences of enforcement of unpaid employment tribunal (ET) awards and Acas conciliated settlements (COT3).

As part of our wider work on improving the rate of payment we have commissioned further research on unpaid awards due to deliver its findings in June 2015.

This survey will complement that research by giving people the opportunity to share their experiences of trying to recover unpaid awards, how they chose (or did not choose) to take action, what the outcome was and how the system could be improved.

This survey is aimed at people with unpaid awards or anyone that has represented or advised someone on this.


Why your views matter

We know from research about the scale of the problem of low rates of paid employment tribunal awards but the numbers can only tell us so much. 

By telling us your experiences you can help provide more of the detail needed to improve the low rates of payment. 

We want to make sure we understand the experiences of people that have gone through the process so we can make it better and improve the chances of people getting what they are owed.

What happens next

We will review the responses and use them to understand how best to improve the existing systems and guidance to make sure that they are effective and appropriately targeted.


  • Trade bodies
  • Legal representative
  • Trade union or staff association
  • Employment lawyers
  • Employment advisers
  • Individual employees


  • Workplace rights